File Delivery Guidelines – Analog Bundles

  1. Upload your stems to this link in the highest quality possible – at least 48K and 24 bit.  If you’re not sure how to export your files, please refer to this page on how to export your files from your DAW.
  2. We need two copies of your stems – one with any plug-ins/effects, and one without.  This will help us achieve the best sound for your mix.
  3. Files should start from the start of your session at 0:00:00 or Bar 1, and should all line up.
  4. Please rename them to include your email, name of the song, the instrument, and in parenthesis if it’s wet (with effects) or dry (without effects).  Example: Email – Song 1 – Lead Vocal (Dry)
  5. For guitar and bass guitar tracks, please make and send a DI track!
  6. Please include a version of the full track – an up to date rough mix of the song.
  7. All files can be uploaded here. Please contact us if you have any issues or questions!

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