How To Make Artists Cozy On Tour

Touring can be a challenging and exhausting experience for artists, especially when they’re on the road for months at a time. However, there are several ways to make touring artists feel more comfortable and cozy while they’re away from home.

Provide comfortable accommodation

Artists spend a lot of time on the road, so it’s important to provide them with comfortable and clean hotel rooms. This can include amenities such as high-quality linens, fluffy pillows, and a comfortable bed.

Offer home-cooked meals

Eating out every day can get old, so providing artists with homemade meals can make them feel more at home. This can be done by hiring a tour chef or by arranging for local restaurants to cater meals.

Create a relaxing backstage area

After a long day of performing, artists need a place to relax and unwind. Creating a comfortable and relaxing backstage area can help them feel more at ease. This can include comfortable seating, a small kitchen, and a TV.

Provide transportation

Long drives can be tiring, so providing artists with comfortable transportation can help them feel more at ease. This can include a tour bus or a luxury car service.

Keep them connected

Being away from home can be hard, especially when it comes to staying in touch with loved ones. Provide touring artists with the means to stay connected with their family and friends, such as wifi and mobile devices.

By implementing these tips, you can make touring artists feel more comfortable and at home while they’re on the road. This can help them perform better and ensure that they have a positive experience on tour.