Virtual Sessions

Hire the best session musicians for your tracks or record virtually in real-time!  

Get set up at home in style with gear rentals and expert advice on building your home set up.


Hire Studio Musicians For Your Tracks, Hand Picked For Your Style, and Recorded In A Professional Studio.  Choose from drums, keys, bass & guitar!

Record remotely from home with a professional producer/engineer!  Connect to us and record in realtime!

We give you everything you need to record in high quality at home!  We drop off gear for you to use and help you set it up.  We will consult you through the entire process – all you need is a laptop and any recording software!

Full consultation of your home studio!  We will recommend gear, mic placement, room setup, etc. to make sure your home studio is delivering the best tracks possible!  Includes an initial virtual consult with full advice as well as feedback on your sounds. We answer any follow up questions to make sure everything is running smoothly!  Fill out this form to get started and get a quote!