Credits & Reel

Mike Post Credits

MooseCat Past Clients

Alice Cooper – Welcome 2 My Nightmare (AD)

Avid Dancer – 1st Bath (E)

Brother Moses – Legends EP (E)

Carly & The Universe – First Contact EP (P, E, M, PM)

Clara C – ESC (E)

Colleen Brown – Direction (E)

Dean Wareham – Aquarium Drunkard Session (E)

Drew Tabor – Bright Lights & Cheap Shots (E)

Dream Phases – So Long, Yesterday (E, M)

Early Evil – Can You Tell I’m Smiling EP (P, E, M)

Frederick Julius – Fixers & Elixers (P, E, M, PM)

Glacial Palms – Dreams Elusive EP (P, E, M)

Gold Star – Aquarium Drunkard Session (E, M)

Gruff Rhys – Aquarium Drunkard Session (E)

Harry Katz & The Pistachios – Scared of Romance (P, E, M)

Jazzie Young – 27 Club EP (P, E, M, PM)

Jeep Cherokee – Total Revenge (M, MS)

Jeff Turmes – Five Horses, Four Riders and Wreckage (AE)

Jesse Colin Young – “Trouble” (E, M)

Jody Glenham – Dreamer (E)

John Isaac Waters – Campanas (E)

Julie Christensen – Weeds Like Us (E)

Ken Oak – Galveston EP (P, E, M)

Ken Oak – Retired Fireman EP (P, E, M)

LA River Bend – Tidal EP – (P, E, M)

Local Natives – Hummingbird (E)

Loretti – Bigger Than The Sun EP (P, E, M)

Mike Stocksdale – Until The Oceans Rise Vol. 1 & 2 – (E)

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Aquarium Drunkard Session (E)

Native – “Getaway” (P, E, M)

Nico Stai – Upcoming Release (E)

Northern American – Modern Phenomena (E)

Robert Schwartzman – Double Capricorn (E)

Ryan Pollie – LAPD (MS)

Sara Dee – In Joy, Vol. 2 (P, E, M)

She & Him – A Very She & Him Christmas (AE)

SDotBraddy – WILDPHIRE (E)

Smooth Hound Smith – Self-Titled (E)

Spooner Oldham – Aquarium Drunkard Session (E)

Tad Wagner – Free Enough (E)

The Battlefield – Tipping Point (E)

The Blank Tapes – 1000 Leather Tassels 7” (E)

The Blank Tapes – Look Into The Light (E, M)

The Evening Guests – Summerland (P, E, M)

The Haunts – The Haunts EP (P, E, M)

The Haunts – Wring Me Out EP (P, E, M)

The Sound of Ghosts – “Heavy Burden” & “Have To Let You Go” (P, E, M)

The Wild Reeds – Blind + Brave (E)

Tom Goss – “Everything” + “Cooler Near The Lake” (P, E)

Young Creatures – Fear All The Things (P, E, M, PM)

Young Creatures – The Future Is Finally Now (P, E, M, PM)

Young Creatures – DOOM (P, E, M, PM)


E = Engineer

P = Producer

M = Mixing

AD = Additional Engineering

PM = Performing Musician

AE = Assistant Engineer

MS = Masterin