Analog Bundle – Monthly Subscription

From: $500.00 / month

Get the most bang for your buck and gain unlimited access to the studio with a monthly subscription!  Upload unlimited stems from your songs and we run them through a plethora of analog equipment and effects.  Our engineers mix to taste given your current mix, and any notes or direction you submit, and you’ll get back the processed stems to put back into your DAW to finish the song!

Upload as many stems as you’d like during the month, and we’ll continuously run them through our analog equipment and effects.  Live in analog heaven from the comfort of your home!


*Please not the different options as far as how many different artists/individuals can use the monthly subscription.  Baseline price is for a single user, with options for up to 3, 5, or unlimited artists.

Subscription Options

Group Monthly Subscription, Label Monthly Subscription, Single Monthly Subscription, Unlimited Artists Monthly Subscription


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