How To Export From Your DAW – Pro Tools

  1.  Save your session as to make a new copy, so you can go back to the old one after this 🙂
  2.  In the editing window, solo the first track, or group of tracks, in your session, and select the audio for the track from the beginning – at 0:00:00 or 1 | 1 |00.
  1. First we’ll make a copy with all of your plug-ins and effects.
  2. With the track still selected, go to File -> Bounce To -> Disk
  1.  When the window box shows up, make sure to set your “Bounce Source” as your main outputs, usually 1-2.
  2.  Then use the following settings:

File Type: WAV

Uncheck “Add Mp3”

Format: Interleaved

Bit Depth: 32 or 24

Sample Rate: 48 kHz (or higher if you’d like)

File Name: Email – Song 1 (Instrument – Wet)

  1. Then make & choose a folder and hit “Bounce”!
  2.  Next we’ll make a copy without any plug-ins and effects.  Remove any plug-ins that you have on the track, set all volumes to 0, and pan everything to the center.  If you’re doing a group of tracks, you can skip the volume & panning step.  If you have automation, you can leave it if it’s essential.
  1.  Go back to Step 4 and repeat for all wet stems.
  2.  Repeat this for all the tracks in your session, and please do groups of tracks as much as you can, for example:
  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Rest of Drums
  • Percussion
  • Bass DI
  • Guitar DI
  • Keyboards (Non MIDI)
  • Keyboards (MIDI)
  • Lead Vocals
  • Backing Vocals

MIDI Export

  1.  In the editing window, locate your MIDI track and select the MIDI file, then hold down shift and drag the selection for the track to the beginning – at 0:00:00 or 1 | 1 |00.  Don’t move the MIDI, just select to the top and go to File -> Consolidate Clip.
  1. Then go to File->Export->MIDI
  1. Choose MIDI File Format as “1 Multitrack”
  1. Then give it a proper name with your Email included, and bounce into the same folder as the audio files!

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