Overview – Gear Rental & Concierge Service

Don’t have a home studio set up? Let MooseCat outfit you with rental gear to record at a high quality at home!

How It Works

We’ll coordinate a non contact drop-off of all the equipment you’ll need to record at home. After an initial phone consultation, we work with you over the phone to make sure everything is up and running properly. You can even connect to our studio to work with an engineer while you’re at home!

What You Need

Capable Mac computer with any recording software

What We Provide

Audio Interface


DI Box

SE reflection filter

Mic Cables

Mic Stand


Recording Tips / Guidelines

Record all vocals clean with microphone(s) we provide.  Stand 2-4 inches from the mic, adjusting your position if needed for dynamics.  When recording, please record at a level that averages around 60% to the top of the meter.

Record all guitars & basses with DI connection – feel free to use plug-ins or effects, but please also use DI box we provide to record direct input.  This will allow us to re-record the signals through amps or manipulate the sound further later.

Please capture MIDI files for MIDI / keyboard instruments.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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