6 Easy Steps To Prep Your Tracks for Mastering

Delivering your mixes for mastering is a fairly straightforward process – simply follow these guidelines!

  1. Bounce your mix using the highest possible sample rate and bit rate that you recorded at!  At least 48K and 24 bit.
  2. Please send in your mixes without any processing on the master bus.
  3. General guidelines would ask to have your mix level peaking at approximately at -7 to -3 dB.  Please come as close as you can but don’t stress over it 🙂
  4. Include both your mix for mastering, as well as your reference mix – the one you’ve been listening to outside the studio.
  5. Feel free to include any other references you’d like the master to sound similar to.  This can be other commercial mixes, or other songs that are part of the same project.

All files can be uploaded to us here.

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