How To Export From Your DAW – Abelton Live

  1. Save your session as to make a new copy, so you can go back to the old one after this 🙂 
  2. First, we’ll make a copy of your stems with all plug-ins and effects engaged.
  3. Go To File -> Export Audio/Video
  4. Choose The Following Settings:

Rendered Track: All Individual Tracks

Render Start:    1 | 1 | 1 

Render Length:   Whatever It Says 🙂

Rendering Options: ALL OFF

Sample Rate: 48K (Or higher if desired)

Encode PCM:  On

File Type:  WAV or AIFF

Bit Depth: 32 Bit (24 Bit Is Okay Too)

MP3 / Soundcloud / Video:  ALL OFF

  1.  Next, to make dry copies of your stems, please remove all compression, EQ, and reverb effects, and repeat steps 3 & 4 to create dry stems.
  2. Please include your Email in the file names so we know who you are 🙂 All files can be uploaded here.

MIDI Export

  1.  First, select the MIDI track that you want to export.
  2.  Go up to File -> Export MIDI Clip
  1.  Save the file in the following format:

Email – Song 1 (Keys 1 MIDI)

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