How To Export From Your DAW – Garageband

  1. Save your session as to make a new copy, so you can go back to the old one after this 🙂 
  2.  On the top left corner click GarageBand -> Preferences and hit the Advanced tab.  Uncheck the “Auto Normalize” box and close preferences.
  1. First we’ll make a copy of your tracks with all plug-ins and effects.
  2.  Solo the first track or groups of tracks in your session by clicking the “headphone” icon on the track.
  3.  Then on top go to Share -> Export To Disk
  4.  Create or choose your folder, and name your file using the following protocol:

Email – Song 1 (Instrument – Wet)

  1.  Then choose the following settings:


Uncompressed (AIFF) 24 Bit

  1.  Next we’ll make a copy without any plug-ins or effects.  Remove any plug-ins that you have on the track(s).  Set the volume level of your track to 0, and pan it in the center.  If it’s a group of tracks, you can skip the volume and panning.  If you have automation , you can leave it if it’s essential.
  1.  Go Back to Step 4 and repeat for all DRY stems.

    10. Repeat this for all the tracks in your session, and please do groups of tracks as much as you can, for example:

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Rest of Drums
  • Percussion
  • Bass DI
  • Guitar DI
  • Keyboards (Non MIDI)
  • Keyboards (MIDI)
  • Lead Vocals
  • Backing Vocals

*MIDI Export is not possible in Garageband, though there is external software to do it called GB2MIDI https://github.com/larkob/GB2MIDI

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