How To Export From Your DAW – Audacity

  1. Save your session as to make a new copy, so you can go back to the old one after this 🙂 
  2. Please remove any compression, reverb, EQ, or other effects!
  3. On the top, go to File -> Export -> Export Multiple
  1. Then put in these settings, and export:

Format: WAV

Encoding: Signed 24-bit PCM (or higher)

Split files based on:  Tracks

Name files: Using Label/Track Name

  1. Once you export, you can put your Email as the “Artist Name” and keep everything else as is and you’re good to go!

MIDI Export

  1.  Select the MIDI file you’d like to export by clicking on the left side of the track.
  2.  Then go to File -> Export -> Export MIDI
  1.  Save the file in the following format:

Email – Song 1 (Keys 1 MIDI)

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