How To Export From Your DAW – Studio One

  1. Save your session as to make a new copy, so you can go back to the old one after this 🙂 
  2.  First, we’ll make a copy of your stems with all plug-ins and effects engaged.
  3.  On top on the header menu go to Song -> Export Stems
  4.  In the next window, choose all your channels on the left side, and put in the following settings:

Filename Prefix:  Email – Song 1

Publishing:  do not publish

Format:  Wave File

Resolution: 32 Bit (24 Bit Okay Too)

Sample Rate: 48K or higher

Export Range: Between Song Start/End Marker

Options: Only check “Preserve Mono Tracks” 

MIDI Export – https://answers.presonus.com/25794/how-do-i-export-midi-tracks

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