How To Export From Your DAW – Reaper

  1. Save your session to make a new copy, so you can go back to the old one after this 🙂 
  2. Go to File -> Consolidate/Export Tracks
  3. Then put in the following settings:

Check: Entire Project

Tracks:  All

Sample Rate: 48000 (or Higher)

Resample Mode:  Extreme HQ

Consolidate To:  WAV

WAV Bit Depth: 24 bit PCM (or 32 bit)

Export MIDI as: .MIDI File

Output:  Choose your folder!

4. Hit Process and put them in a folder for your song labeled “Wet” stems.

5. Next we’ll make a “Dry” copy without any plug-ins and effects.  Remove any plug-ins that you have on the track, set all volumes to 0, and pan everything to the center.  If you’re doing a group of tracks, you can skip the volume & panning step.  If you have automation, you can leave it if it’s essential.

6. Then go back to Step 2 and repeat for your “Dry” stems.

7. If delivering files to us, please include your email in the filenames so we know it’s you 🙂

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