How To Export From Your DAW – FL Studio

  1. We’re going to make two copies of your stems – one “wet” with effects and one “dry” without!  
  2. To export your files, go to File -> Export -> All Playlist Tracks and select the folder you’d like to put the stems in.
  3. In the next window, choose the following settings:

Mode:  Song selection

Tail:  Leave remainder

Output Format:  WAV

WAV bit depth:  32Bit float | Stereo

Quality:  32-point sinc


Check: Save playlist markers

Uncheck: Enable insert effects

Uncheck: Enable master effects

  1. Hit “Start” to export your dry stems
  2. Repeat the same exact process for making your wet stems, the only difference being to “check” the “Enable insert effects” on this one!  
  3. Please put your wet and dry stems in different folders and use this format:   

  Email – Song 1 (Instrument)

MIDI Export

  1. Select the MIDI file you’d like to export 
  2. Go to File -> Export -> MIDI File
  3. For the Mode, choose “Full Song”
  1.  Save the file in the following format:

Email – Song 1 (Keys 1 MIDI)

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